Natural stones


The stone of transformation

We always liked the beauty of Charoita and a few months ago when we found among the bible of stones its meaning, we knew it was strong enough to be an exclusive collection.

Charoite is a stone of transformation. It is focused on clearing mental programs and limiting conditioning to favor personal and spiritual growth.

That is why it can change negativity to positivity, illness to health, and fragility to strength.

The purple-violet color as well as the characteristic white, black and brown swirls make this gemstone easy to identify with the naked eye. No two are alike

Its magic lies in the fact that it can only be found in the depths of the frozen mountains of Siberia.

It is relatively new, so in the search for its meaning we have fallen short of its properties.

All agree that it is perfect for accepting the present moment until it is considered ideal.

It is perfect for emotional stability. If you feel the need to 'give back', charoite may be the guide you are looking for.

Carry it always with you, hence our new transform yourself collection.

Limited edition.