Natural stones

Precious stones for a new beginning

Happy New Year? For us, September is a bit like that, a new beginning. An opportunity to start from scratch, to retake that check list we wrote in January. But... why does coming back from vacation exhaust you so much? why is getting back into the routine so complicated? Lean on nature.

Semi-precious stones connect us naturally and immediately to Mother Nature; they are the purest and most perfect energy we have access to on earth.


The energetic use of crystals is an ancient science. How does it help us?

By raising and maintaining our vibration to be able to go deeper into our essence to foster self-confidence.

Which stones are perfect for starting over?

Aquamarine: is an ideal crystal for reflection and self-exploration that allows you to examine your potential and unrealized capabilities.

Tiger eye: Activates action, helps in decision making and will give you self-confidence.

Labradorite: Labradorite will help those going through life changes, whether by choice or circumstance.

Whatever the reason for a new beginning, it is best to consider it as an opportunity.