We had it clear from the beginning: we wanted to create products with a soul. And, when you put heart and desire, things as beautiful as this one arise.

Hand Soul started as a small family project. We make super special bags by hand. From cutting the pattern, painting the fabric, creating accessories… thus creating pieces with a true soul.

To these creations, Marta the founder added collections of jewels that increasingly gained more prominence. The most beautiful thing is that beyond a jewelry brand, we are a community that inspires thousands of women. We have created a space to share concerns, feelings, joys….

From our showroom in Castelldefels (Barcelona) we design and create pieces that always remind you of what is important.

It is always about putting our soul into everything we do and in this busy world we need something to remind us of that. In our day to day this is done by the jewels. A ring, a necklace, a bracelet…

At first there was only Marta but how we have grown! Now HAND SOUL is a continuously growing family that works passionately as a team to build a brand that we all feel very proud to be a part of.

From design and imaging to production and shipping, every member of the team is dedicated to giving you the best experience possible.

And of course, in “ABOUT US” you are also there. You who make it possible for us to continue creating and growing.