Natural stones

Precious stones to start the year


An intense year ends but a new beginning follows.

There are several reasons for deciding that you need to restart or reboot your life. Some may be tragic and sad, such as losing someone, a breakup, job uncertainty... but others may be due to a change of plans, a new beginning...

Whether you're on one side or the other, 2023 is your chance to start over.

We leave you here the stones that will accompany you, in a year that will surely be full of incredible moments.



Citrine is the stone of abundance, creativity and personal power. Many know it as the stone of joy so we believe it is perfect for creating new resolutions and goals for the coming year.

It will make you feel more self-confident and foster that inner power we all carry within.



A year and its 365 days provide many good things but also bad things, we can't help it! That is why we believe that one of the stones that should accompany you is a protective stone such as the natural stone Labradorite.

A stone that has always been used as an amulet but also helps to make a journey inward to listen to that inner voice that we all have inside.


Good luck

Because it is always better to be well accompanied and for that you need a stone that promotes the transmission of positive energy.

The strength, energy and dexterity of this animal are fundamental to understand the symbolism of this stone, which for years has been related to good luck and protection.

Besides, it never hurts to have one of the most suitable stones to face the evil eye.